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PIXIE SITS ON HER BROTHER'S FACE...AND INITIATES BROTHER SISTER 69!!! TREV EJACULATES IN HIS SISTER'S MOUTH. Pixie comes home from her Date, and her Parents are in bed. Her Brother Trev, however, is up...in his bed....reading a magazine.....a girly magazine!!! Turns out his Date ended early, and he didn't get lucky....and he was about to masturbate. Pixie tells her Brother that she didn't get any on her Date either....and suggests that they give each other "happy endings". Trev is hesitant.....so Pixie does a slow strip-tease in front of her Brother....and by the time his Sister is bare naked....Trev puts down his magazine!!! Pixie sits on her Brother's face and sucks his cock, as he fingers and licks her pussy. The two Siblings enjoy a late night session of 69....that ends with Pixie having an orgasm....and Trevor ejaculating in his Sister's mouth. "Why do we bother going out with other people....when we can stay home and have fun together?" they ask each other

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