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LUCY BLACKMAILS HER BROTHER JOEY... TO STOP HER FROM TELLING MOM WHAT HE DID AT SCHOOL.... HE MUST LICK HER FEET...HER PUSSY...HER ASSHOLE... THEN HIS SISTER REMOVES HIS SPERM...TO RUIN HIS BIG DATE!!! Lucy may be the biggest Brat Sister a Brother could have!!! Lucy has some "dirt" on her Brother, Joey. She happened to answer the phone when the Principal called from school....to say that Joey had pulled the fire alarm. When Joey gets home...Lucy tells him that she knows about the incident at school. Joey begs his Sister NOT to tell their Mom...because he knows he will be grounded for sure if Mom finds out. Lucy takes full advantage of Joey's situation....and Blackmails him!!! Lucy tells Joey that he must do EVERYTHING she asks....or she will tell Mom. To start out the Bratty Teasing of her Brother.....Lucy takes off her leather boots...and makes Joey Worship her feet!!! Joey HATES it...but he has no choice....his Sister has all the power.....so he must worship her feet. When he has done that....Lucy makes him Lick her Pussy!!! Joey reluctantly has to get down on his knees and eat out his horny, bratty little Sister. Next....to Joey's horror....Lucy sticks her bum up in the air....and makes Joey Lick her Asshole!!! Poor Joey is really getting handled by his Sister!!! Finally....when Lucy finds out that her Brother has a big Date with his Girlfriend that night....she decides to "take his cum away from him".....so Lucy Sucks him....and Jerks ALL his cum out of him!!! Joey is devastated.....he still has the taste of his Sister's Ass in his mouth....and all his cum has been removed....and to top it all off....it turns out that Lucy has already snitched on him to Mom...and he is in big trouble when Mom gets home

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