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COSIMA AND HER BROTHER ARE CONSTANTLY FIGHTING...SO THEIR PARENTS SEND THEM TO FAMILY THERAPY!! DR. CIARA BLUE PRESCRIBES SOME UNORTHODOX STUFF!!!! THE THERAPIST ORDERS THE TWO SIBLINGS TO SUCK, LICK AND HUMP EACH OTHER!!! COSIMA ENDS UP WITH A CUNT FULL OF SPERM.... AND A WHOLE NEW APPRECIATION OF HER BROTHER!!!! Cosima and her Brother Brian have been fighting constantly at home, and their Parents are fed up with the constant bickering & squabbling. The solution? Their Parents have sent the two Siblings to see the renowned Dr. Ciara Blue for some "Family Therapy". Dr. Blue is known for using some....well.....should we say "creative" techniques in her Therapy Sessions. After listening to these two youngsters argue with each other right in front of her.....she has the perfect Therapy in mind. Dr. Blue is going to make the Brother & Sister have sex with each other in her Office!!! Cosima & Brian both drop their jaws when they hear the Shocking request from the Therapist.....but are eventually persuaded by Dr. Blue to go ahead with the unorthodox plan. Brian is ordered to lick his Sister's Cunt. The purpose....as Dr. Blue explains....is for Brian to see/taste/touch Cosima's spectacular Cunt....so that the next time she leaves a sink full of dirty dishes at home....he will remember how HOT she really is....and be more forgiving. Next, Cosima is told to Suck her Brother's cock. Again....the purpose being....that next time he takes over the living room TV to watch sports....Cosima will remember that his cock is amazing....and therefore will be more tolerant!! The two Siblings don't fully understand all the nuances of the Therapy...but, since Dr. Blue is highly recognized (she studied at the Sullivan Institute)....they agree to follow her commands. Next Dr. Blue tells them to screw each other's brains out.....this should greatly help their home relationship. Brian enters his Sister.....and proceeds to give her a Good, Hard Pounding, under the watchful eye of Dr. Blue. Brian finally unloads his semen inside his Sister's Pussy.....and Dr. Blue commends them for a job well done....and tells them she'd like to see them twice a week for follow up visits

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