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DANICA IS HORNY..... HER DAD IS HORNY..... SO THEY DECIDE TO BE "FUCK BUDDIES" FOR THE NIGHT!!! Danica is home from her Date with her boyfriend....and she is very disappointed. She wanted to have sex....he didn't....and she is frustrated and horny. Danica's Dad is still up when she gets home, and when Danica tells him her story.....Dad's first reaction is, of course, to cover his ears.....but, then Dad makes a confession to her. As it turns out.....Danica's Mom went to bed early....and Danica's Dad is frustrated and horny too!! What happens next shocks Danica completely!!! Dad suggests that since they are in the same boat....and neither one wants to go to bed frustrated.....that they become "Fuck Buddies" for the night!!! Danica's jaw drops.....but her Dad walks her through it....explaining that the idea makes perfect sense....and eventually....Danica agrees.....and both Dad & Daughter remove their clothes. Danica Sucks on her Dad's cock....Dad gives her a really good licking, that makes her purr....and then they proceed to Fuck like two crazy people!!! Danica's Dad pulls out of her, and absolutely covers her in his cum....making Danica smile.....she is content now....she can go to bed

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