A Taboo Fantasy [ManyVids] - Mom's Relaxed Again


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DANTE'S MOM COMES HOME....RELAXED AGAIN....AND TELLS DANTE TO FUCK HER!!!! POOR DANTE IS TOLD TO HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH HIS MOM.. "MY MOM IS NUTS....BUT WOW....IS SHE EVER A GOOD FUCK!!!" Dante's Mom has been out Partying all night...and she arrives home....Relaxed as a Skunk!!! She is falling all over herself....telling her Son what a great time she had at the Club. Aware that his Mom is very very Relaxed....Dante tells his Mom to go to bed....but unfortunately....his Mom is HORNY....and she isn't capable of very good decision making....so she starts to get "flirty" with her Son!!! Dante keeps pushing his Mom's hands away each time she reaches for his private parts....but his Relaxed Mom is Horny & Persistent!!! Dante's Mom manages to unbuckle his pants and get his cock out....while she is still Relaxing from her bottle....getting more Relaxed as she goes!! Dante's Relaxed Mom starts to suck his cock against his will....and does she ever suck it!!! Dante's Nightmare is about to get even worse, however...as his Relaxed Mom climbs on top of his cock, and starts to Fuck him!! Dante's Mom rides him like a wild Woman....screaming at her Son to Fuck her brains out!!! Poor Dante has no choice....he Fucks his Mom hard.......Pounding her in several positions until he unloads inside his Mother. Once she has been Fucked....Dante's Mom crashes.....clutching her bottle in her arms. The Dante starts to collect his clothes....still Shocked & Terrified by what has just happened....as he mutters to himself...."My Mom is nuts.....but WOW is she ever a good Fuck"

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