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WHEN THIS DIRTY OLD MAN VISITS HIS REGULAR MISTRESS.... HE IS TOLD THERE IS A YOUNG "MISTRESS IN TRAINING" AT THE DUNGEON. AFTER HE IS BLINDFOLDED...AND FUCKED BY BOTH FEMALES... HE GETS THE SHOCK OF HIS LIFE!!! MISTRESS "ESMERALDA" IS ACTUALLY HIS YOUNG DAUGHTER, TIFFANY!!! Tiffany's Dad has a dark side....and a dark secret!!! For many, many years he has been going to visit a Dominatrix to be disciplined. He has been seeing Mistress Sasha for a long time. On this visit to her dungeon....Mistress Sasha informs him that there is a young Dominatrix in training.....Mistress "Esmeralda". After Mistress Sasha covers his head with a hood...which is standard protocol....Mistress Sasha brings in Mistress Esmeralda to meet Mr. Kohl. Mistress "Esmeralda", of course, has no idea that this slave is her Father!!! Mistress Sasha teaches Mistress Esmeralda the ropes. The slave is told to kiss and lick Mistress Sasha's boots, while young Mistress in Training Esmeralda flogs him. Next, Mistress Sasha makes the slave eat her cunt. After her cunt has been satisfactorily cleansed....Mistress Sasha instructs her to suck the slave's cock to make it hard....and then take a ride on it. Mistress Esmeralda does just that. Mistress Esmeralda fucks the slave while Mistress Sasha sits on his face. The two females then change positions...so that young Mistress Esmeralda face sits him, while Mistress Sasha fucks him. When the two dominant females have had their way with the lowly slave...he is instructed to empty his filth onto the waiting breasts of the young Mistress in training. After spraying Mistress Esmeralda's Tits with a large load of semen...his hood is removed....and there is a SHOCKING reveal!!! Mistress "Esmeralda", is actually his young Daughter Tiffany!!! Both Dad & Daughter are horrified! Mistress Sasha finds it hilarious...but Tiffany and her Dad are both shamed and embarrassed....both vowing to NEVER tell Mom....or anyone else for that matter

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