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THINKING THAT SHE HAS AN UN-BEATABLE HAND...BROOKLYN MAKES A UNIQUE POKER BET, "IF I WIN YOU OWE ME $300....IF YOU WIN I'LL LET YOU FUCK ME". TO HER HORROR...HER BROTHER RUSS PULLS A ROYAL FLUSH!!! A HUMILIATED BROOKLYN HAS TO LET HER PERVERTED BROTHER FUCK HER...AND HE CUMS ON HER FEET!!! Russell and his baby Sister Brooklyn are having a friendly game of Poker in the Living Room....when things get out of hand!! The two Siblings have always been very competitive when it comes to playing Games....and this afternoon.....the competitiveness will spiral out of control!! After losing several consecutive hands....Brooklyn is just about out of money....when she realizes she has a VERY strong hand. She begs her big Brother to lend her some money, so she can make a bet...but he refuses. Brooklyn, knowing that she will win the hand for sure....makes a surprise Bet with her Brother. "Look....if I win....you owe me $300....if you Win.....I'll let you Fuck me". Russell is floored by the Bet....but since his baby Sister is actually SMOKING Hot....he agrees to the Bet. Brooklyn proudly lays down her hand.....4 Of A Kind!!!!! To her horror, however....Russell, unbelievably has.....a ROYAL FLUSH!!! Brooklyn is almost in tears...and when Russell rubs his hands together, preparing to ravage his little Sister...Brooklyn tells him he can't possibly want to follow through with the Bet. Russell reminds her that "A Bet Is A Bet".....so Brooklyn strips off her clothes...and lets her big Brother have his way with her!! Russell licks his baby Sister....he makes his baby Sister suck his cock.....he Fucks his baby Sister in several positions....and then....to make her ordeal even worse....Russell tells Brooklyn that he wants to cum all over her feet!!! Brooklyn is disgusted, as her perverted Brother ejaculates all over her feet....completely soaking them. "I can't believe I let my Brother cum on my feet"

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