A Taboo Fantasy [ManyVids] - Sharing One Bedroom


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THE ATTIC HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO AN EXTRA BEDROOM.... DAD PROMISED IT TO BRAD....MOM PROMISED IT TO SUSANNA.... THE TWO SIBLINGS FIGHT OVER THE ROOM... AND THEN THEY FUCK EACH OTHER'S BRAINS OUT!!! Mom and Dad redecorated the Attic, into an extra bedroom. Dad promised the Attic to Brad...Mom promised it to Susanna. The two Siblings are unaware that Mom and dad are not in sync with each other....and on the day the new room is finally ready...they both attempt to move into it!! Each claims the room for their own....and both refuse to budge. Since neither will leave...Brad decides to gross his little Sister out by telling her that he slumbers in boxer shorts....so he undresses down to his boxers and gets in bed....figuring that should make her go away. Susanna, however, may be tiny...but she's tough, and won't be pushed around!! Susanna ups the ante by telling him that she slumbers naked!!! Susanna gets completely undressed and climbs in bed beside him, establishing her "half" of the bed....and figuring that the site of his naked Sister will send him packing. Neither gives in....and they have a stalemate. As they lie there...Brad can't help himself...and he is staring at Susanna's pert, young tits. When she catches him staring...Susanna quickly reaches into his boxer shorts and grabs his cock....to confirm what she suspected.....he has a boner!!! Susanna accuses him of being horny for his Sister!!! Brad admits that she is...in his words...."not bad"....and before you know it.....the two deadlocked Siblings are engaged in a furious 69.....each licking and sucking the other's private parts. Then Brad fucks little Susanna until he unloads all over those pert, young tits that got him going!!! They decide that maybe it won't be such a bad idea to just share the room

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