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DIVORCED PARENTS FIGHT OVER THE CUSTODY OF THEIR SON. KYLE'S STEP-MOM SEDUCES HIM AND FUCKS HIS BRAINS OUT... TO DISTANCE HIM FROM HIS REAL MOM!!! MUST WARN YOU...THIS IS VERY VERY VERY HOT!!!! Kyle has a dilemma. His Parents have Divorced....and both his Mom and Dad want him to come and live with them. To complicate things....his Dad has re-Married. There is a feud between his Mom and his Dad....enter....STEP-MOM!!! Kyle's Dad wants Kyle to leave his Mother's house, and live with him and Kyle's Step-Mom....and Kyle's Dad has a plan. Kyle's Dad is out of town...and he tells his new Wife, Ciara...Kyle's new Step-Mom...to FUCK Kyle...figuring that the "fringe benefit" of a free, easy, quick, regular Fuck will persuade Kyle to live with them. Ciara is hesitant...but she agrees to carry out the wishes of her new husband. When Kyle arrives for a visit...Ciara seduces her Step-Son BIG TIME!! She gets his pants off...gets his young cock in her mouth......and proceeds to Fuck her Step-Sons brains out!! Kyle pounds away at his Step-Mom, as she tells him over and over and over, how much Bigger his cock is, compared to his Dad's...and Kyle rewards his Step-Mom's efforts by cumming in her mouth!! The "manipulated" Kyle announces his new living arrangement....with his Dad...and slutty Step-Mom Ciara

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