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BRIELLE HAS SKIPPED SCHOOL AND IS GOING TO BE PUNISHED. SHE MUST BEND OVER AND "TAKE IT LIKE A GIRL"!!! HER PARENTS DEGRADE HER UNTIL SHE IS MADE TO SWALLOW HER DAD'S CUM!!! Brielle has been caught skipping school....for the third time. She has been warned over and over again what would happen if she missed school again....but she was foolish enough to cut class anyway!! Brielle's Mom scolds her, and when dad gets home from work...Brielle knows what's coming!!! Brielle pleads and begs her Parents not to go through with it....but they are firm in their decision to carry out hard discipline......and Brielle has no choice....she must remove her clothes and.....Take It Like A Girl!!! With her Mom holding the back of her head, Brielle's mouth takes her Dad's big cock...and gags on it!! She cries and asks for them to stop... Brielle is then bent over....and while Mom holds her head...Dad literally POUNDS her from behind!! Brielle screams out "Mommy please make him stop....Mommy he's hurting me!!!" but the Fucking does not stop. Brielle is flipped over onto her back....and the Pounding continues. Brielle is then made to take her Dad's hot load into her mouth...and to swallow it. She is left in tears...and told to clean herself up and get ready for Supper

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