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TOMBOY MELANIE IS WATCHING THE SUPER BOWL WITH HER DAD. AT HALFTIME...SHE REMINDS HIM THAT DESPITE BEING A TOMBOY...SHE IS A GIRL!! SHE TAKES OFF HER FOOTBALL JERSEY TO "REMIND" HIM. MELANIE ENDS UP GETTING FUCKED HARD AND SOAKED BY HER DADDY... THEN THEY WATCH THE END OF THE GAME. WHAT AN ENDING!! GO PATRIOTS!! It's Super Bowl Sunday, and Melanie and her Dad are watching the big game!!! Melanie is decked out in her Tom Brady Patriots Jersey as she and Dad watch the game. Melanie has always been a Tomboy...and a big-time Football fan. As they are watching, Dad is so excited at one point, that he refers to Melanie as "Melvin". Melanie gets upset....and points out that he often slips up and calls her that. Melanie accuses her Dad of secretly wishing that she was a boy. Melanie reminds her Dad that, despite being a Tomboy...she is, in fact....a GIRL!!! To prove it....Melanie removes her Footvball Jersey and shows her Great Big Beautiful Tits to her Dad. Dad is stunned!!! "When did you get those!!!???" Dad asks. Melanie tells him that she got them recently....and that, although she still loves sports....she also loves to do "Girl things". When Dad questions her about what "Girl things" she likes to do....Melanie confesses that she Loves to suck cock...and loves to Fuck and Fuck and Fuck. Since Melanie is such a Tomboy....Dad is shocked to hear that she is also a VERY sexual, horny little slut!!! Melanie asks if they can do something she likes....and she goes for Daddy's cock, and starts to suck it. Once she makes Daddy's cock stand up at full attention...Melanie gets Pounded by her Dad really hard, until he unloads and covers her Great big Beautiful Tits with cum. After she has been thoroughly Fucked...Melanie and Dad go back to watching the game....and what a game it was!!! What an ending!!! Go Patriots

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