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WHEN SHAY GOES TO STAY WITH HER DEMENTED, PERVERTED UNCLE JIMMY... THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY... HE PUTS HER IN A TRANCE WITH A MAGICAL FAMILY HEIRLOOM... AND PROMPTLY TAKES ADVANTAGE HIS BUSTY YOUNG NIECE!!! Shay has gone to Las Vegas to spend a semester going to school.....and staying with her demented, perverted Uncle Jimmy!! Uncle Jimmy has always been the Black Sheep Of The Family. Now that Shay has turned 18...and blossomed into a Beautiful, well endowed young girl.....she proves to be too much of a temptation for perverted Uncle Jimmy as soon as she arrives!!! Shay isn't at Uncle Jimmy's house more that a minute...before Uncle Jimmy breaks out Aunt Edna's old pocket watch heirloom......which is known in the Family as the "Magic Watch". Uncle Jimmy puts Shay into a deep trance....during which, she will remember nothing....and promptly takes advantage of the busty young girl!!! Uncle Jimmy shoves his cock into his sexy Niece's mouth.....and he goes crazy licking her cunt and her asshole!!! Uncle Jimmy fills his Niece's mouth with his vile, dirty seed....before he wakes her up. Staying with Uncle Jimmy may not be the "best" thing for Shay

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