AGirlNextDoor - Mom Bribes Sons Teacher w her Body # 1 💛


AGirlNextDoor - Mom Bribes Sons Teacher w her Body # 1
Mom Gets Son an A+, Part 1 - 11:08 Jane’s son is in college on a very expensive football scholarship. He’s one of their star athletes and may even be picked for the NFL upon graduation! Luckily, her cousin just happens to be one of his professors. He stops by right before the Christmas break. He breaks the news that her son is failing. Jane is heartbroken. She knows that if her son fails, he loses his scholarship, he’ll get kicked off the team, and her dream of becoming a NFL mom will be over. She won’t allow this. She will do anything to help her son. Even seduce her own cousin. As her cousin Wade gives her the bad news, she begins to inch closer to him on the couch, touch his leg. She knows the way he’s been looking at her their whole lives. She even caught him peeping on her in the shower when they were younger. She uses this to her advantage, unzips his pants, slides her hand inside around his cock, and begins to stroke asking her cousin if he can just make a one time exception. He is hesitant, but Jane’s hand feels amazing on his throbbing cock. He asks her if he can see her tits. She pulls down her shirt to show them to him. He tells her that he will give him a passing grade on his reports and Jane tells her cousin that the next time there is a problem with her son, just come to her and she will handle it. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, new boobs, big boobs, fake tits, fake boobs, handjob, hand job, taboo, mom, mommy, mother, milf, cousin, cousins, family affair, family affairs

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