Andi Land - Naughty or Nice ☁️


Andi Land - Naughty or Nice
I'm in my cute holiday PJ's writing a letter to Santa, telling him what a good girl I've been all year. I stop and think for a moment about all of the naughty things I've done for my website members, like putting fingers and toys in my pussy and making myself cum for you. (prompting a short clip montage of the video highlights from 2013, about 45 seconds long) After realizing I've been quite naughty, I crumple up my letter to Santa and decide to buy my own presents this year! I unbutton my pajamas to reveal very sexy red lacy lingerie underneath, if I'm going to be a naughty girl I may as well play the role properly! I sensually run my hands all over my body and pussy before getting completely bare naked and masturbating until I have a wonderful Christmas orgasm

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masturbation small tits lace/lingerie christmas home video