Autumn Jones - Fuck Me With Your Wife In The Other Room 🐈


Autumn Jones - Fuck Me With Your Wife In The Other Room
1080p FULL HD CUSTOM VIDEO I'm married with a wife. But you are my mistress. My wife doesn't know that we're fucking with each other. Tonight, you've come over for a group dinner with me, my wife, you, and some others. I excused myself and had togo to my bedroom to get something. You sneak inside, and close the door behind you. You are a seducer and somewhat evil, because you want to fool around secretly and get a quickie in right now on my wife and I’s bed, even with my wife downstairs who could walk in at any minute. I do not want to, because it's so completely crazy and dangerous, but you keep talking dirty to me and teasing the fuck out of me, because you know I cannot resist. Pretend like people are right outside the door, and anyone can walk in here at any second. Basically, in this video, talk very sensually about different sexual things you want us to be doing right now, while my wife is in the other room. Be creative and explicit with your dirty-talk. Make up and say whatever you want in this role-play. Do a lot of your sensual smiles while you’re talking dirty, and occasionally blow kisses and lick your lips slowly. As the scene progresses, take off your clothes slowly, until you’renaked by the 5th minute (with 10 minutes to go). With about 5 minutes remaining in the video, get close to the camera and pretend like we’re fucking. Breathe loudly and moan quietly while we’re fucking and having a quickie, while people are outside the door. At the end of the scene, climax hard but you’re trying to keep it as reserved and quiet, because people are outside

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