Ava Black [ManyVids] - Chastity Lockup


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Haha! You are here to serve boi! And you are going to serve good. We see your letters, always begging for some sort of affection from your Dominants. When in reality you are secretly wishing you could have a Masterful cock like your Master's huh? When you said you were ready to serve us both did you really think we would allow your little cocklet to interfere with your ability to serve? Now what kind of Doms would we be? Of course you are about to get locked away! The only thing you get to choose is which device it will be... Well, you can't say we don't value your opinion now can you? So you're going straight into lock-up, and you are going to have to learn your lesson. You and every other cocklet just like you! If you want to be released then it will be a long and painful journey. Which will involve quite a lot of getting down and dirty putting that li'l whore mouth of yours to good use. All the while without allowing you to splooge that nasty cream from your skin tag!

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black & ebony verbal humiliation key holding & chastity chastity devices