Ava Black [ManyVids] - Embracing the cuckold in your man part 1


Download Ava Black ManyVids - Embracing the cuckold in your man part 1
This is a clip you can watch on your own if you are a cuckold wannabe in a relationship, or you are wondering what is thenext step to take if you and your partner are contemplating a cuckold life. I am regularly asked about my opinions on cuckoldry as a lifestyle, as well as the practical implications of a woman exploring her true womanhood without fear of repercussion. In this three part discussion I will dispel some of the myths men might hold about the 'virtuous' nature of their woman, and more importantly how to begin to explore a more exciting and kinkier lifestyle. In part 1 I explain about the female anatomy and the occurrence of the orgasm and multiple orgasm... Oh, and some of the things you are not doing to get your woman off!

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