BabyZelda - Succubus Foot Dom: Fucked Toe Wiggling ⭐


BabyZelda - Succubus Foot Dom: Fucked Toe Wiggling
(HD 1080p ~ this was a custom vid order & Part 3 of 3 of Succubus Foot Dom vids) I'm a Succubus Demi-Goddess & you're a mere mortal so I'm not even going to let you see my feet! You have a huge cock, huh? Well I'm not changing my mind. Hmm.. well I am horny, fine boy, show me what you're made of! And this better be worth my time or I'll send you to the 9 Hells for eternal punishment! *you show cock* O___O *gasp!* Oh... wow... I've never seen a mortal with a cock like that before... *bewildered, devious look* Hmm fine, I'll grace you with my little Succubus feet but don't get any wrong ideas! Oh great Diablo, your huge cock feels soo heavenly on my corrupted little succubus feet! I can't help myself but to give you the footjob of your life! =^___^= But remember you are barely worthy, mortal. I may let you fuck a Demi-Goddess if you can catch me. *flies off* Oh my, I seem to have my hands tied and my wings bound... Be gentle! FUCK YOUR COCK IS HUGE. *feet squirm*

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