briellajaden111 [ManyVids] - Shrinking and Eating our Tinder Dates


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Tired of dealing with men [email protected]#$ we decided to turn them into it for real. I explain to Lexi how truly satisfying it is to lure men from Tinder and shrink them. I explain how they taste so good, and how it's amazing seeing them so helpless. We have the ultimate power, and it's wonderful. Lexi is a little shocked that this could actually work, but she was never one to turn down a good time. I tell her that two new guys will be coming over today. When the first one comes in I shrink him right down to size. Then Lexi swallows the little bastard. "MMM tastes kind of sweet and like steak at the same time!" Lexi tells me. I like her analogy. I ask her how he feels in her tummy, and she says she can't feel him right away, but soon she does. She loves how cool it feels when we call his cell phone and she feels her belly begin to vibrate. He wants to come out, but we only laugh at his request. We tell him he won't be coming out till she see's him in the toilet where he belongs. Then my date arrives, and he follows suit. I shrink him, tell him what a loser he is to even think he had a shot with me, and then swallow him down the hatchet. We know both of them are going to be burning in our stomach acids, and we love this. We then tell them we will see them in just a little bit... before we flush them

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