Brooke Dillinger - v433 FREE EXTENDED PREVIEW 🌟


Brooke Dillinger - v433 FREE EXTENDED PREVIEW
FREE EXTENDED PREVIEW for v433 Step Bro Horse Cock Fucked n Fisted because 30 sec wasn't long enough to showcase this video in a preview! If you like the extended FREE PREVIEW please check out my profile to find the full length version and LOTS more kinky content!!! Shot in FULL HD 1920 x 1080p 59.97fps with Canon EOS 80D and RODE External Mic - I have always noticed my Step Bro watching me with a hard cock. I can't help but be curious because I always notice how HUGE and HARD his cock is through his pants. I mean I know it's kind of Taboo but he is my Step Bro not my real Bro so I mean it's not THAT wrong is it? I just decide to call him out on it because clearly from the way he looks at me with his massive hard on in his pants me and him are both curious about the same thing...each other naked. I convince him to let me see his cock and OMG he has an INSANELY HUGE HORSE COCK!!!! I am in for a serious treat today!! I suck tons of horse cum out of my step bros giant horse cock and am just soaking wet. He wants to fuck me but says he has something for me to put back on before he does... He throws me a LUV Rydr harness and puts it to use stretching and fucking my pussy as hard and deep as he possibly can with the help of the amazing fucking harness!!! I literally melt around his massive horse cock from the hard pounding. I then get on my knees and flip the LUV Rydr harness around and he pulls the harness pushing my face towards him and his massive horse cock down my throat. I am literally covered in cum! I am still super horny and my step bro shoves his whole fist inside of me. He has clearly dreamt of this moment as much as I have and pulls his cell phone out and RECORDS VIDEOS OF ME without me even noticing as my eyes roll back into my head from the intense orgasm of having his whole arm inside of my pussy!! It wouldn't be right to not suck his cock one more time in thanks for all the amazing orgasms he gave me with his giant horse cock. I suck the last drop of cum out of my step bros horse cock and am left completely covered in sticky horse cum and just hoping this is the first of many encounters with my Step Bro and his amazing horse cock! Tags: Brooke Dillinger, Brooke1993, Horse, Horse cock, Horsecock, Horsecock Dildo, Bad Dragon, LUV Rydr, LUVRydr, Harness, Strap, Fucking Harness, Taboo, Kink, Hardcore, BBC, Giant Dick, Big Dick, Black Cock, Chance, Creampie, Cream Pie, Fist, Fisting, Fisted, Teen, Pierced, Dildo Fucking, Dildo Sucking, Blowjob, Blow Job, BJ, Oral Sex, Boy Girl, BG, Fantasy, Roleplay, Step Brother, Role Play, Fucking, Doggy Style, Doggy, Doggystyle, Stretched, Stretching, Facial, Cumshot, Cum Shot, Cum Play, Slut, Whore, Cum Slut

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