Bunni Bangz - Blindfolded Sub Has Thigh Orgasms Custom 💥


Bunni Bangz - Blindfolded Sub Has Thigh Orgasms Custom
Created this video initially for a custom. It includes a bunch of different positions and POV shots! In this sensual BDSM porno, my Daddy and I engage in a little thigh play. I approach him one day, ask him how he's doing, and slip in my necessary question: can I get my weekly reward. Daddy likes to punish me if I'm not a good girl, and so when I get my weekly reward, I'm all the happier. He tells me that I have been good, and instructs me over to him. He blindfolds me and automatically grabs my hair - pulling my head back and directing me onto him. I moan in extreme pleasure as he extends his leg out ever so slightly, and allows me to hump his thigh. I get so excited and can't contain myself, and I hump like a crazed girl. I'm so horny I can't help but hump and rub my clit on both of his legs until I orgasm twice!

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domination boy girl submissive sluts bdsm blindfolds