Christina Sapphire - Team VP Interview 👩‍⚕️

Christina Sapphire - Team VP Interview
Mr. TeamVP, the photographer behind some of my most stunning photos and videos finally gets me on the couch--his interview couch, that is. He gets to ask the questions that have been burning in his mind and yours since my first video in April 2017. We discuss cock size, cuckoldry, creampies and more. (No sex or nudity.) Tags: Christina Sapphire, natural boobs, natural tits, big tits, amateur, moaning, moaning fetish, doggiestyle, missionary, softcore, older woman milf, milf with bbc, milf bbc, mature, mature with bbc, mature bbc, mature, mature bbc, glasses, home made, homemade, hotwife, queen of spades, bareback, creampie, cream pie, natural breasts, brunette, thick, PWAG, MILF, long hair, glasses, cuck, cuckoldress, cuck instruction, cuck instructions, cuckoldress instructions

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