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Dakota is the new weather girl giving the forecast for her local news station. All is normal at first as Dakota is giving the forecast to the viewing public. Then we slowly see that her skirt is being stripped off by no other explanation than a supernatural entity! Dakota is then standing there, embarrassed, with her colorful thong underwear showing. Laughter ensues! She looks like such a little girl! The ghost of the news set continues to slowly remove articles of Dakota’s clothing. Laughter can be heard all about these shenanigans. Her shirt is unbuttoned and removed, followed by her bra, and finally her thong! Laughs can be heard about as she is standing there completely nude on live TV. Dakota knows that she must try to finish this forecast in order to keep her job, but decides to give up. However this ghost hasn’t finished his fun and decides to make Dakota firmly grasp her boobs and rub them all over. She is then compelled to start masturbating live on air. Dakota finally cums and is brought out of trance so that she can return to normal, but nothing can return to normal for this weather girl after this humiliating experience!

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