DakotaCharmsxxx - Secret JOI HJ 👍


DakotaCharmsxxx - Secret JOI HJ
You snuck over to Dakota's house and you guys go to dakota's bathroom to hide, so her parents don't hear. Dakota knows you guys are just friends but she always wanted more. She starts to touch your dick and talks about her sex fantasy with you. After jacking you off for a little bit Dakota wants you to take over so she can rub her cute little boobs while she gets super turned on. Dakota keeps tell you to jerk off for her and finally when she's about to cum in her fantasy she wants you to cum at the same time! So she takes over and grabs your cock till you cum for her. After you cum Dakota's parents call her for dinner. She tells you to sneak out the window and maybe come back over tonight when her parents are asleep;-)

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