Diane Chrystall - Secretary in Pink KnittedGloves Teasing 👩‍⚕️


Diane Chrystall - Secretary in Pink KnittedGloves Teasing
It's so cold here boss. My hands freezed so I put on a pink gloves. I hope it's not a problem. Thank you boss! I'm glad you like my new knitted gloves! I see your cock is cold. Let me warm it a little bit. It's so huge boss, even in this cold. Do you like the touch of my knitted gloves? I hope you give me the rise you promised me! I'm working hard on your cock everyday for it! I want to satisfy you, please you in every way boss. Look at how tight this gloves are on me! They fit so perfectly! I'm stroking your cock as slow as I can. Gently teasing it and waiting for your juicy sperm to shoot onto the palm of my hands. More precisely onto my pink knitted gloves. I'm going to lick it up. Eat all of it!.... Custom video for Patrick! If you want your own custom video message me: [email protected]

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