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The hurricane or any fenomen can affect good people, bad people, kids,adults, babies,pornstar, this time is Texas turn thousands of people in Texas are crying ,sad,hungry with out roof without home without nothing and diosaera is one of them I lost everything what y'all guys had helped me bought please help me just a $1, 50 cents please anything helps I am not begging you as a pornstar I am begging you as a mom please share your Blessing with me or any other in Texas help me if you can, help them if you can a $1 for me and if you can contribute . Insurance company are going to help the rich people who can afford to pay the insurance and FEMA helps the owners of the house but since I was renting the house they are not going to help $ 1 is not going to make you a big effect but it is going to help me allot thanks for everything

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