EliMarie717 - Sweat Drip Intense Workout HD 🐪


EliMarie717 - Sweat Drip Intense Workout HD
This is a FULL HD workout clip. I strip from a sexy, red bikini to nude over the duration of this clip. My goal with this clip was to step up the intensity of my workout, so I complete 3 circuits (increasing reps each time), with heavier weights than usual. After having a baby a few months ago, I really want to tone up again! My heart rate definitely jumps up, and as the clip ends I am literally dripping with sweat! I wipe my brow, and show of my sweaty body from all angles, ending with feet/ soles. Sweat drips down my face and torso, as I try to cool down, and catch my breath once more. I am naked for about the whole 2nd half of video. Enjoy XOXOXOX

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voyeur workout/gym exercise sweat fetish weightlifting female