ForbiddenPerversions - Stepmom Teaches Daughter how to Fuck her 🌹

ForbiddenPerversions - Stepmom Teaches Daughter how to Fuck her
Stepmom Teaches Daughter how to Fuck her Stepbrother, starring Amber Deen Stepmom, Amber Deen, provides the latest instalment of the Welcome to the Family series. After receiving her instructions from the aunt, Amber provides the initiation for her daughter. As Amber states, this family has a special secret, all the women who are born or marry into it are duty bound to please the eldest son. They have to make themselves available to him whenever and wherever he desires. His sexual wishes are their commands. Amber addresses her daughter, as she shows her how her brother likes to be pleased. She drops down to her knees to teach her daughter how to really worship her brother's balls and shaft. Amber provides a very sloppy blowjob, as she spits and gags on her stepson's cock. Amber is taken on her knees, in doggy, commenting on how easily her stepson makes her cum. She rides him in reverse cowgirl, talking to her daughter to explain how best to grind on her brother's cock. Amber's stepson stands her up and raises her leg in the air, fucking her long and hard until his stepmom explodes on his cock. To finish the instructional video off, Amber drops back down to her knees to take her stepson's load in her mouth. Amber swallows the lot, turns to camera and tells her daughter, "I hope you were talking note, and that you can learn from this, because it's your turn next!"

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