Fuzzy Peach - POV Escort BJ with Ashlynn Taylor 🌷


Fuzzy Peach - POV Escort BJ with Ashlynn Taylor
POV Escort Blowjob with Ashlynn Taylor! Shot one on one with the model using just one camera , no multiple angles just 100% POV ! Ashlynn is a high class escort. She knows how much she deserves and she doesn't accept anything less. After a few minutes of texting from a potential client he makes his way to the hotel quickly...he is so eager to be pleasured by this hot brunette he just can't wait. Ashlynn is surprised how quickly he arrives and is startled. No worries, she is ready for work. She ask for the money and she inspects each bill meticulously. Holding each $100 bill to the light, she doesn't play games. After a full inspection of the cash she ask her client to watch her tease him for a minute and then he joins her on the bed. After the client sees what she has to offer he is ready for Ashlynn to blow him away..and she does...watch the vid to see this high class escort give her client the best bj ever! Also available in a 1080 MP4 Full Version with multiple angles! Look for "Escort Blowjob with Ashlynn Taylor" on this page.

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