Ginary - Lesbian Prison Wedgies ๐ŸŒ 


Ginary - Lesbian Prison Wedgies
Vanessa Cage has been arrested for disorderly conduct but her trouble is only beginning. Nikki Brooks is a sadistic guard who enjoys humiliating and tormenting her prisoners. She orders Vanessa to strip down and change into her new uniform. Vanessa asks for privacy while she changes but Nikki just laughs. Vanessa is horrified when she sees the granny panties she is expected to wear. Nikki decides itโ€™s time to teach her prissy prisoner a lesson. She gets up from her desk and begins to wedgie Vanessa turning her granny panties into a thong. Nikki humiliates Vanessa pulling her arms through her panties and giving her a melvin. Nikki orders Vanessa on her knees for an atomic wedgie before finally letting her put the rest of her uniform on. Nikki orders Vanessa to keep her wedgie in while she dresses and then wedgies her harder once she has her uniform on. Nikki laughs at the โ€œfresh meatโ€ as she leads Vanessa by her panties to her cell. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Vanessa? Email us today.)

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