hannahnate96 - your cum is my diet supplement custom 🌷


hannahnate96 - your cum is my diet supplement custom
custom video I do say his name off and on in the video I sit on the couch upset. I say don't tell my parents ‘cause they’ll make a big deal out of it. They said I've gained too much weight and I’m on probation from cheer squad. I have to lose the weight before they'll let me be active again. You tell me I'm perfect the way I am. Your such a sweet friend so glad to have you as my best friend. Your in love with me and I don't pay mind to it. I then tell you about this new diet I found. I can eat breakfast and lunch, plus all the water I want. Only problem is i'm missing my last meal for the day. I need a guy to cum a huge load in my mouth every night before bed. I need a boyfriend for that though. I don't know what I am going to do. You offer to give me your load. Wow, really you'd do that for me? Cum in my mouth? Can you give me the biggest load you ever made? I then do a cheer for you. from that to showing off my ass and pussy walking back and forth in front of you. To you eating me out to me showing off my pussy. I talk at the end telling you about how i want your cum. then you cum in my mouth.

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