IviRoses - Butt crack 29: I sat on food ✨


IviRoses - Butt crack 29: I sat on food
I have a new neighbor coming over and I want everything to be perfect. I'm wearing tight jeans with a belt and high heels. I'm nervous and constantly fidgeting and adjusting things around the house, bending over... I'm self-conscious about my butt showing... I try to get up on a chair, but I struggle because my pants are so low. Eventually I lose my balance and accidentally sit on some food (mayonase potato salad). My bare butt is now covered in food! How embarrassing! I apologize, try to clean it, but the food is still all over my butt... I keep asking m neighbor if it’s all cleaned up, bending over and spreading my butt cheeks, close to camera. I get more playful and flirty showing my butthole!

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