IvyStarshyne - Slap-Happy Hiccups 💫


IvyStarshyne - Slap-Happy Hiccups
As usual, hiccups jump to my throat at a completely random time. After a few glasses of wine, I find myself hiccuping and just HAD to record them. It's been so long! I sit and chat for a moment, attempting to add some makeup - toasty and hiccuping, causing giggles that make most tasks complicated. I remember that I have a friend over, and just before she went outside for a cigarette, I told her I would whip her. She thought I was joking. The hiccups were random and I didn't expect them to be involved in my whipping scenario with the lovely Khandi_Redd... But I couldn't let her go the night without giving her a few pops of the whip. We laugh and joke before she finally decides to bend over the bed, exposing her lovely ass for me to spank. I lost my hiccups at some point, but continue the excitement by following through on my promise to her! Check out Khandi on Twitter @Khandi_Redd

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