IvyStarshyne - Your Trusting Wife ๐ŸŽฅ


IvyStarshyne - Your Trusting Wife
I'm surprised that your wife trusts you so much with me. Just leaves us alone, no questions asked. I know we're best friends, but that is a bit weird. She just flat out accepts that you're hanging out with a slutty friend! She trusts you. Completely. Good for you to have a relationship like that. It must be pretty nice to just come and go as oyu please, and she trusts you no matter what you may or may not end up doing. Interesting. You know I had a crush on you in college. Don't deny it, you totally knew about it. Maybe I still want to... maybe YOU want to fuck me. Maybe I'm reading into some of your messages wrong. I'm pretty sure you want to though. And she would never know. I could keep it a secret. Oh... oh... not interested. Okay... she just left us alone, and we can do whatever we want. You don't have to hide your feelings from me. Jeez, you look so scared of me. Your wife is SO boring, SO unattractive - and I'm here to say fuck it all! Let's fuck already! Come on. If you don't... well... maybe I'll tell her we fucked anyway. Maybe that's the only way this will work. Either fuck me, stick your cock in me for just a second even, and it's our secret - OR walk away, and lose everything

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