JackieSynn [ManyVids] - Sex Therapist Humiliates Your Tiny Dick


Download JackieSynn ManyVids - Sex Therapist Humiliates Your Tiny Dick
You've always been insecure about your dick size, but you've read that sex therapy might help build up your confidence and might even help your dick grow. You visit the best therapist in town, Jackie Synn. She's seen it all, and she has a reputation for being understanding and getting men so hard that their cocks seem to magically gain inches! She's very professional and kind, that is until you pull out your penis. She's shocked how tiny and ugly it is! Visibly disgusted, she caries on with her growth therapy by teasing you... it's worked for ALL of her other clients, but your little dick seems hopeless. She's never seen anything so small, she can't help to throw her professionalism out the window and start mocking your little pecker. She's even considering quitting the business after seeing you, she can't handle how horrible your dick is!

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