JENNI_KNIGHT_24 - CUSTOM: POV Mummy Son Fantasy 🔥


JENNI_KNIGHT_24 - CUSTOM: POV Mummy Son Fantasy
The Story I think you are breathtaking and would love to see your interpretation of my scenario. please forgive me for any errors regarding policy/procedures when ordering. The story is just a guideline and I hope the video is not too demanding. Feel free to change anything in order to accomplish the video to the best of your ability. I thank you for your time and effort…much love from this fan. -POV mom/son- -Title: Mom takes son’s virginity and drains his balls - -Scene I (first 5-10 min)-Mom finds her bra- (If you have a blouse or anything light with buttons) Mom is picking up son’s room and she finds his diary. It talk about being in love with a woman and wanting to see ‘her’ naked. Mom is happy at first under she realizes ‘her’ means HER!!! She then discovers her bra covered in his cum. She is taken back at first, but becomes sympathetic with a motherly love and aroused from the aroma of her son’s semen. Begin to lustfully sniff it and slowly unbutton you’re blouse and group yourself. You hear son come home and tidy up just as he enters his room. “ mommy was just picking up your room son don’t mind me. I’m a bit tired from cleaning and am going to cool off in the shower. Scene II – (next 5-10)peeping on mommy- Son is spying on mom as she comes to her room after shower in a towel. Slowly strip and oil up your breasts and butt. Begin to masturbate, until you notice son and cover up poorly with the towel. Call him out and make him strip. Become aroused by his “huge young cock and huge saggy balls.” Punish him by making him eat your ass doggy. Lots of mommy and sweet boy, dirty profanity talk. “Shove your face deep in mommy’s taint!” ”slobber and munch on mommy until her warm juices wash over your face. Pretend to erupt all over sons face. Scene III – (Last 10 min) creampie fuck fest finale Reward son by riding him cowgirl. “ I gave you that huge cock, now you’re going to give it back to mommy.” bounce breasts in his face and sucking your nipples. Long slow grinding until son erupts in you too soon. Make out and gaze into camera as you react to his large cum blasts with shivers/ convulsions. “oh, my god, my sweet virgin boy! it’s okay let it out. Pretend to feed him breast milk to replenish is balls for another draining. Fuck missionary. Lots of dirty talk “ I Want to feel my son’s huge saggy balls squirm against my taint as they drain into my womb. Long slow trusts as you and cum together. “ fill mommy’s womb with your worm virgin batter. Embrace son, kissing and nestling him in your naked breasts w/each blast of cum of his unusually long orgasm. "my baby has so much cum in his nutts for mommy" " is my baby done cumming...NO, good lord, you're really backed up sweetheart! stay in missionary pov and let your tired son slowly grind to a quick third creampie that finally empties his balls. "give mommy everything you have baby and then rest while you stay deep insider your mother's warm pussy"...

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