JennyBlighe - Masseuse Milks Clients Cock 🐪


JennyBlighe - Masseuse Milks Clients Cock
Custom-made B/G vid shot in POV!! I work at a spa & have several regular clients but you have really stood out to me. I ask you to come to my home for your next session because I already had everything I needed there anyway. You arrive & I escort you to my bedroom where I tell you to go ahead & get on the bed and get comfortable. Once you're all set on the bed, I come out and begin your massage. I'm a little nervous, but I finally just go for it! I confess that I really wanted to do the session at my home because I was interested in doing much more for you... I begin a little play talk asking what hurts just in case you weren't interested in anything, but then I find out that you definitely want to partake! I'm excited & super wet but remind you that it would require is a generous tip at the end. I begin to give you a hand to get started... You take advantage of finally being able to touch me & lift my top up so that you can cop a feel. I then suck your dick and jerk you and you eventually start playing with my pussy while I'm deepthroating your dick! I'm so ready to cum and so are you! You explode your hot load into the palm of my hand. I then eat your cum from my hand and suck the remaining cum out of your rock hard cock

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