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VIOLENTLY FUCKED.... VIOLENTLY MILKED... WHILE BEING TOLD TO "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" There has been an outbreak of Female on Male Raip in Jerkyville!!! On hidden camera you can actually see the Villain in action!!! Jerky Girl, Amanda is posing as a Nurse and breaks into an examination room in the Jerkyville Hospital. This Patient has come to see his Doctor....Doctor Sullivan....but Jerky Girl Amanda greets him instead, and introduces Herself as Doctor Sullivan's Nurse. After a few routine questions...."Nurse" Amanda tells the Patient that he is going to be tied down, so Doctor Sullivan can check his reflexes. The Patient questions Her...but Amanda assures him that this is merely a new technique the Doctor is using...and he agrees to be tied down. Once he is securely fastened to the exam table....Amanda removes her bottoms...and proceeds to raip the Patient against his will!!!! Amanda smothers his screams for help....and Fucks him Hard!! He is constantly told to "Shut-Up" the fucking continues. When Amanda has satisfied Her Wicked Desires for hard cock...She climbs off the Patient....whose mouth is now taped shut....and issues a Violent Milking!!! After She is done....Amanda puts on Her own clothes and disappears into the night!! Doctor Sullivan enters the see Her Patient tied down....and lying in a pool of cum!!! The Raipist of Jerkyville has struck again!!!

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