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THESE TWO JERKY SISTERS SHARE EVERYTHING...EVEN COCKS!!! CAMERON & SAVANNA MAKE CAMERON'S DATE TO EXPLODE WITH CUM!!!! Cameron brings home a Date. They have been out for Dinner and a is their third Date.....and Since Her Parents are away.....and Her Sister is out for the evening...Cameron asks Her Date is She can Jerk him Off. He agrees to let Cameron masturbate him....and She pulls his pants down and gets started. Cameron only gets to Jerk Her Date for a few moments....before Her Sister, Savanna arrives home unexpectedly. Her plans for the evening got cancelled. When Savanna sees Cameron Jerking-Off Her Date.......of course, Savanna asks if She can Jerk too!!! Cameron is hesitant......after all......She found this should be Her cock to Jerk. The two Sisters squabble a bit....but Cameron finally agrees to share the cock with Her Sister. The two Jerky Sisters attacking his cock, is more than this boy can take.....and he erupts with a SERIES OF MASSIVE CUMBLASTS!!! These Jerky Sisters know how to make a mess

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