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THE BOBBSIE TWINS ARE HYPPNOTIZED BY THEIR DAD. ONCE THEY ARE UNDER....DAD GETS THE TWINS TO MAKE-OUT WITH EACH OTHER!! THEN DAD MAKES THEM JERK HIM OFF!!! WHEN THE TWINS WAKE UP...THEY ARE CONFUSED BY THE WHITE, STICKY SUBSTANCE ON THEIR HANDS!! The Bobbsie Twins are in trouble. While they were at school, Daddy found cigarettes hidden in their bedroom. Dad is angry with the this is the third time they have been caught smoking. Desperate times call for desperate measures... so Daddy tells the Girls that he is going to hyppnotize get them to stop smoking. Dad gets out his special watch....and tells the Girls to follow it as he swings it back in forth in front of them. Within a few minutes....both Girls are completely under. Once the Twins are under....Deviant Dad decides to have some fun with his Twin Girls. Dad tells the Girls to Kiss.....and they do. Dad tells the Girls to fondle each others' breasts....and they do. Dad tells the Twins to French Kiss each other passionately and caress each other's pussys....and they do!! Next, Dirty Old Dad tells the Twins to unbutton his pants and Jerk him Off. The obedient, Hyppnotized Twins begin to Jerk their Daddy. As always, the Twins do everything their Hands ride up and down Dad's shaft in complete unison....until Daddy cums all over himself. Once he has ejaculated, Dad pulls his pants back on....and snaps his fingers to bring the Girls out of the trance. When they wake up.....the Girls notice a white, sticky substance all over their Hands. Dad tells him that he gave them some hand lotion while they were under. The un-suspecting Twins rub the "lotion" into their hands....none the wiser

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