Jizzy Jobs - SYBIAN AUDITION with Jane Zef 🖕🏿


Jizzy Jobs - SYBIAN AUDITION with Jane Zef
Sometimes, our auditions run a little different than your average auditions. When Jane came over for her audition, we wanted to give her a little challenge. And if she succeeds, we know that she's the right type of girls for our store. After walking in, she looks a little confused, not knowing what's in store for her. She sees the Sybian on the floor next to her and seems taken aback when she finds out she's supposed to get on the Sybian and read a complete chapter in a book we have laying around. Oh, and we get to play with the controls while she does it. In her defense, Jane is a true champ as she goes from page to page, getting more and more worked up as we increase the intensity of the Sybian. Will she make it all the way to the end of the chapter? Will she cum all over the place? Buy the video and find out

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