Kailey Ketchum - Demon's Turns Girl into His Neko Slut 🌟


Kailey Ketchum - Demon's Turns Girl into His Neko Slut
I dream of the future and wish that I could live forever to see everything new happen. A demon hears my wish and offers to grant it. Without thinking, I take his offer only to realize I have to fulfill my end of the bargain. He turns me into a Neko and tells me I have to be his pet for all eternity! Oh no! What did I get myself into!? I reluctantly take the job until the demon shows me how pleasurable it can really be when you tangle with demons. As I start to fuck him, I'm overcome with a burning desire for more. Not a bad deal in exchange for living forever. This video is just a little something I wrote. =) I wanted to come up with something fun for my first video using my Demon Dick toy from Bad Dragon. Want to write the next episode? Donate $200 to my Fund Me or to the current contest (on Wedesdays). You'll be able to write the next episode and get the video once it's done! I'll also put your name in the credits. =) Want to choose my next cosplay character? Just donate $350 to my Fund Me or the current contest (Wednesdays). You'll get to choose my next character, write the first episode and you'll get the vid when it's done! Just like the last, your name will be in the credits so everyone knows who to thank

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