KateRoss - The boobed secretary Part 1 ( on russian


KateRoss - The boobed secretary Part 1 ( on russian
The boobed secretary Part 1 ( on russian language!!!) Customer wrote: You are a lazy secretary of our company, Im the young heir of it! My old father, past boss, leaves his job and now Im becoming the new chief! Nobody knows it, because I worked abroad to do experience. Company is in crisis so the new boss will have to dismiss a lot of employers and now, without attentions of my old father, You risk Your favorable position! When I come first time in office my employers are all in queue waiting for me and ready to receive my new orders. So when I come You are in this official position, with office dress, elegant but not very sexy! Readily You recognize me! I were often in office when I were a ch ild and I spied You very much, in particular when You teased my powerful father! Once I found him with his face between Your boobs so You, to get my silence promise, did same with me: He was just looking for any milk for his coffee, do You wish too??? Try to get it then!!! Hi hi hi hi hi. From that moment I were always attracted by Your mega boobs so everytime I came in office You improved power on me making an addiction to Your boots and smoking way too! You loved make me keeping ashtray while You smoked sexy and squeezed and bounced Your tits meanwhile OFFICIALLY YOU TALKED ME SOME TALES! In add when I became a te en-ager You often rubbed my dick trough my pants but then I went to study abroad and a lot of time is past.. Now Im the new young powerful chief and You are one of first people that risk the dismissal What incredible lucky You have!!!! My official speech sounds very hard but You are already thinking about seducing me!!! Next day You are convened in my office: I wish understand which people have to be fired, so starting from old documents, I do a choice. Old reports about You are very short and good (maybe because they are modified by Yourself under my fathers permission!) but I have on my tables a lot of anonymous complaints (did after my father leaves!) that describes You as the most lazy of our company. You expected this, and You hoped ONLY to be convened ALONE in my office! And it is so indeed!!!! When You enter in office You are little bit in tense, but after few seconds that You need to understand we are alone, You are in relax and seem sure of Yourself! You have good make up that underlines Your eyes and lips, long nails (red or French manicure), high heels, large pants and blazer that You readily open showing Your boobs under (or sexy decollet癡 or tight blouse). You seat in front of my desk crossing legs and I start my speech: why so many complaints Kate? I ask You reading on reports. About me?!?!? Really??? Are You sure Boss??? You ask airhead and giggling frivously and shaking boobs while You try to get up and come closer to me. But I stop You in hard way, fixing my eyes on reports: please stop and answer Miss Kate!. Taking advantage of my not looking You can t...

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