Katie Blush - Desperate To Pee 🐪


Katie Blush - Desperate To Pee
During a very very busy cam session where I had back to back private shows, I had forgotten I had gulped down a whole litre and a half of diet coke. My bladder was ABSOLUTELY FULL. I was desperate to pee after 3 HOURS of holding it all in while I made myself cum over and over for you horny muffins! I knew this was going to be the most satisfying pee I'd ever taken and was eager to catch it on cam. Watch my desperation and frustration at that start of the video as I try and hold it setting up my tripod to film. Squatting down ready to pee I'm so desperate can't help myself and accidentally let go, pissing through through my white lace thong. I start and stop my pee stream, getting little waves of pleasure as I hold in the jets of warm urine waiting to shoot out. Taking off my thong I let it all go - pissing in one furious, loud, constant jet of urine. It was like a waterfall, dripping down my ass cheeks and inner thighs. I moan loudly in pleasure over and over again as I finally let go of a completely full bladder. I finish by jiggling my pussy to shake all the drips off

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