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"I'd like to see you turned into a robot while wearing your blue & black swimsuit. In the first few seconds just answer your phone and you hear a weird tone and its controlling your brain turning you into a robot. You look straight ahead with your arms at your sides standing straight. You start to speak in an empty monotone voice "I am a robot I must obey." You start to touch your chest. "This robot is a sexdoll. I must obey my master." Theres a beeping sound and you start to rub your pussy through your suit with a blank look on your face. "Yes master I will touch myself." you touch yourself and theres another beeping sound and you walk robotically to the couch and sit down and say "Blow up Doll Mode activated." You have your mouth open like an O shape with your arms straight at your sides with your legs spread and then you say "Please fuck me master.""

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