Kelly Shamrock - Vacation B/G Anal Shower Fuck 🔥


Kelly Shamrock - Vacation B/G Anal Shower Fuck
Filmed this on one of my first vacations in a long time. Went house hunting in Colorado May 2018 and stayed in an awesome cabin with an amazing shower. We just had to fuck in it of course. This was shot when both of us were a little bigger and unflattering angles made me put it to the back burner but now that I'm in better shape I'm happy to show it. I'll consider this a BBW vid since I hadn't toned up as much as I have now. Haha. So if you like me when I'm a little thicker then this is totally for you. I was also very new to anal still at the time so it's really flipping noisy in that shower. One of the best B/G vids I have and I can't believe it's taken me this long to edit and upload. Just me and my man fucking in the shower. Pussy play, toy play and anal fucking all included. Lots of great angles to watch us fuck in including bunch of doggy style and even to where I'm facing the camera so you can watch these titties swing as he fucks me from behind. Get wet with me in this shower. You know you want to see what we get into.

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