Kitzi Klown - Bratty Clown Humiliation 🤷


Kitzi Klown - Bratty Clown Humiliation
Look how hot I am! You've spent sooo many hours beating off to my gorgeous candy deliciousness on your computer screen. You always cum so hard for your Clowny Queen. Now I'm here! In the flesh! You've fantasized about fucking me for SO long... you want all my spun-sugar pussy juices coating your cock... but uh-oh. Its look like you're too shy to play? What's the matter- never expected me to actually show up? Don't be such a useless loser. You fuckface, you're such a beta bitch, you can't even make a move on your dream girl when I'm right here in your house. What a dumb fuck bucky! You really are a moronic loser bitchboy. I see your Circus peanut getting hard, staring at my bouncy Clown tits... but you're too petrified, too stuck in your own loser ways, to do anything about it! What a cowardly dumb-dumb!

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