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It had been a weird week, I'd been to the doctors for a regular check-up. You can imagine my amazement to find out that I was still fertile. For a few days this played on my mind and in a mad moment, I started wondering what it would be like to be pregnant once more. It had to be a stranger, as I really didn't want the complications of a relationship as well as a baby, and when I had the chance to properly explain my motives, a 'donor' contacted me. He was tall, fit, and gorgeous, so it was a no-brainer to arrange for him to come and try to inseminate me. It was also important to me that if it was to happen, it must happen with genuine and passionate sex and if possible, preferrably not in a test-tube in a lab. The date was set. I nervously prepared myself for him and when he arrived I knew I'd made a great choice and then it was all about letting nature take it's course and see what happened

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