Lady Fyre - Cum with My Stud 🎥


Lady Fyre - Cum with My Stud
You want to badly to be in his place, to be stroked by my magical hands. All that tension building up until you just have to explode. You know it will never be you. You know you'll never receive pleasure from my hands. You're not worthy of my attention in this manner. I have no interest in bringing you pleasure except through pain & embarrassment, through you watching as I bring pleasure to another man. Think about how much you want to be with me. Enjoy the sting, cucky. Watch me stroke his cock, admire it, bring it pleasure. You wish for it to be your cock that I'm touching, bringing pre-cum. As I prepare to make this stud's cock explode, and you kneel before me, you ache with jealousy. You would do anything to be him, but you're not. Cheer him on, wish him an explosive orgasm, and prepare to cum with him. In your shared orgasm, recognize your shortcomings, and acknowledge that his alpha cock is the one I deserve. As I count you down & you cum at the same time as my stud, the reality of your position in my life completely sets in, and now you can feel fulfilled.

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