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Lanie comes to her parent's home after a weekender with her friends to find the house completely trashed. Her Mom and Dad are out of town and her little brother is the only one who could have done this. He must have had a party. She's pissed because she has to clean up since she wants to have a guy over later. She calls her mom and begins to clean... little does she know her brother and half of his class have been shrunken and are spread out all over the house. What a nightmare! She walks around unknowingly stepping and kicking the teens. She cleans the kitchen and counters throwing some in to the trash. She almost drops a huge pillow on a large group of them. She crushes some with her giant ass on the couch. She takes a break to take her clothes off and check herself out in the mirror still unaware of her brother and his friends. Who knows if they'll ever get her attention. She has to get ready though because her man's coming over to please her

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